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Art Quotes

These are some of the best 'Art' quotations and sayings.

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'Healing,'' Papa would tell me, ''is not a science, but the intuitive art of wooing nature.''

A Bachelor of Arts is one who makes love to a lot of women, and yet has the art to remain a bachelor.

A fool's brain digests philosophy into folly, science into superstition, and art into pedantry. Hence University education.

A good painting to me has always been like a friend. It keeps me company, comforts and inspires.

A great artist is always before his time or behind it.

A great city, whose image dwells in the memory of man, is the type of some great idea. Rome represents conquest; Faith hovers over the towers of Jerusalem; and Athens embodies the pre-eminent quality of the antique world, Art.

A guilty conscience needs to confess. A work of art is a confession.

A man paints with his brains and not with his hands.

A man who exposes himself when he is intoxicated, has not the art of getting drunk.

A man's work is nothing but this slow trek to rediscover, through the detours of art, those two or three great and simple images in whose presence his heart first opened.

A picture is a poem without words.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

A picture must possess a real power to generate light and for a long time now I've been conscious of expressing myself through light or rather in light.

A sculptor is a person who is interested in the shape of things, a poet in words, a musician by sounds.

A verbal art like poetry is reflective; it stops to think. Music is immediate, it goes on to become.

A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament.

A work of art that contains theories is like an object on which the price tag has been left.

A writer should write with his eyes and a painter paint with his ears.

Ability is the art of getting credit for all the home runs somebody else hits.

Abstract art is a product of the untalented, sold by the unprincipled to the utterly bewildered.

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