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Birth Quotes

These are some of the best 'Birth' quotations and sayings.

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A noble birth and fortune, though they make not a bad man good, yet they are a real advantage to a worthy one, and place his virtues in the fairest light.

Acorns are planted silently by some unnoticed breeze.

And when I was born, I drew in the common air, and fell upon the earth, which is of like nature, and the first voice which I uttered was crying, as all others do . . . For all men have one entrance into life. The Apocrypha Monday's child is fair of face, Tuesday's child is full of grace, Wednesday's child is full of woe Thursday's child has far to go Friday's child is loving and giving, Saturday's child works hard for a living, But the child born on the Sabbath day Is happy and wise and good and gay.

As the births of living creatures are at first ill-shapen, so are all innovations, which are the births of time.

Being pregnant is a very boring six months. I am not particularly maternal. It's an occupational hazard of being a wife.

Born on Monday, fair in the face; Born on Tuesday, full of God's grace; Born on Wednesday, sour and sad; Born on Thursday, merry and glad; Born on Friday, worthily given;

Custom forms us all; our thoughts, our morals, our most fixed belief, are consequences of the place of our birth.

Features alone do not run in the blood; vices and virtues, genius and folly, are transmitted through the same sure but unseen channel.

High birth is a gift of fortune which should never challenge esteem toward those who receive it, since it costs them neither study nor labor.

I have learned to judge of men by their own deeds, and not to make the accident of birth the standard of their merit.

In my beginning is my end.

Of all vanities and fopperies, the vanity of high birth is the greatest. True nobility is derived from virtue, not from birth. Titles, indeed, may be purchased; but virtue is the only coin that makes the bargain valid.

Our birth is nothing but our death begun, As tapers waste the moment they take fire.

Some are born to sweet delight, Some are born to endless night.

Somewhere on this globe, every ten seconds, there is a woman giving birth to a child. She must be found and stopped.

The egg it is the source of all To everyone's ancestral hall.

Those who have nothing else to recommend them to the respect of others but only their blood, cry it up at a great rate, and have their mouths perpetually full of it. - By this mark they commonly distinguish themselves; but you may depend upon it there is no good bottom, nothing of the true worth of their own when they insist so much and set their credit on that of others.

We have been God-like in our planned breeding of our domestic plants and animals, but rabbit-like in our unplanned breeding of ourselves.

What is birth to a man if it be a stain to his dead ancestors to have left such an offspring?

When real nobleness accompanies the imaginary one of birth, the imaginary mixes with the real and becomes real too.

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