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Blessed Quotes

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I would say that I've been lucky. Being blessed and not really ever giving up.

I'm a civic busybody and I've been blessed with an active career.

I'm blessed with a pretty good voice. So just sitting back there banging on the tubs wasn't enough.

I'm blessed with eight children - though I'm talking about eight adults now.

I'm extremely happy in my life. I consider myself to be very blessed.

I'm real excited. I'm so blessed to have so much peace and joy inside. I just can't keep quiet about it.

I'm really just a regular guy who has had an incredibly blessed life.

I'm thrilled, I'm grateful, I'm blessed. I played for the world's greatest professional sports team in history. Once a Dallas Cowboy, always a Dallas Cowboy.

I'm very thankful to be doing what I'm doing. I feel very blessed.

I've been blessed by doing classic plays on Broadway, which was one of my great dreams forever.

I've been blessed to find people who are smarter than I am, and they help me to execute the vision I have.

I've been blessed with some lovely scripts and a character that people could truly identify with. It's one of those surprises in life that makes you think, 'God was smiling on me that particular day.

I've been blessed. I have no complaints. I've been surrounded by people in radio, on stage and in motion pictures and television who love me. The things that have gone wrong have been simply physical things.

I've been really, really blessed. I got to perform on stage with Bob Dylan. I've gotten to sing with Mick Jagger.

I've been very blessed in my personal life and in my career and I have never been ungrateful for what I have.

If any fall by the hand of violence, others will continue the blessed work.

If I choose to bless another person, I will always end up feeling more blessed.

If it turns out to be a hit, well, good luck dealing with fame. And if it's not a hit and you can still survive and make music you believe in, well, then you're truly blessed. I think that's where we are now.

If someone is blessed as I am is not willing to clean out the barn, who will?

If that many people recognize how hard I go every night and what I put into my game, to make myself and my team better, it means a lot to mean. I'm fortunate; I'm blessed to be in the situation that I'm in right now.

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