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Death Quotes

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The only thing that is real is the being in you that is going to die.

The only thing you take with you when you're gone is what you leave behind.

The sense of death is most in apprehension, and the poor beetle that we tread upon feels a pang as great as when a giant dies.

There is no better armor against the shafts of death than to be busied in God's service.

There is no death! the stars go down To rise upon some other shore, And bright in Heaven's jeweled crown, They shine for ever more.

There is no death! What seems so is transition; this life of mortal breath is but a suburb of the life elysian, whose portal we call death.

They tell us that suicide is the greatest piece of cowardice... that suicide is wrong; when it is quite obvious that there is nothing in the world to which every man has a more unassailable title than to his own life and person.

This world is the land of the dying; the next is the land of the living.

Though this may be play to you, Tis death to us.

Till tired, he sleeps, and life's poor play is o'er.

Time rushes towards us with its hospital tray of infinitely varied narcotics, even while it is preparing us for its inevitably fatal operation.

Tis very certain the desire of life prolongs it.

To be idle is a short road to death and to be diligent is a way of life; foolish people are idle, wise people are diligent.

To die: - to sleep: No more; and, by a sleep to say we end The heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks That flesh is heir to, 'tis a consummation Devoutly to be wished.

To himself everyone is immortal; he may know that he is going to die, but he can never know that he is dead.

To neglect, at any time, preparation for death, is to sleep on our post at a siege; to omit it in old age, is to sleep at an attack.

Tom's no more - and so no more of Tom.

We begin to die as soon as we are born, and the end is linked to the beginning.

We call it death to leave this world, but were we once out of it, and enstated into the happiness of the next, we should think it were dying indeed to come back to it again.

We cannot banish dangers, but we can banish fears. We must not demean life by standing in awe of death.

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