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Deserve Quotes

These are some of the best 'Deserve' quotations and sayings.

A computer would deserve to be called intelligent if it could deceive a human into believing that it was human.

A leader does not deserve the name unless he is willing occasionally to stand alone.

A part of kindness consists in loving people more than they deserve.

After a lifetime of working, raising families, and contributing to the success of this nation in countless other ways, senior citizens deserve to retire with dignity.

All of our children have so much potential. All of our children deserve a chance at life.

All of us deserve a greater peace of mind, knowing that our children are better protected wherever they are.

Although strength should fail, the effort will deserve praise. In great enterprises the attempt is enough.

America gets the politicians they deserve. That's it. And you keep struggling.

America's veterans deserve the very best health care because they've earned it.

Americans of all ages deserve quality end-of-life medical care.

Any man who does not like dogs and want them about does not deserve to be in the White House.

Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.

Anyone who refuses to speak out off campus does not deserve to be listened to on campus.

As far as more recognition goes, I am happy with the amount of love and respect I have received from other artists and the public. Of course, I would love more, and think I deserve it.

Ask everyone whether they're an actor or a doctor or a teacher or whatever is entitled to his or her opinion. But unfortunately, because actors are in the public eye, whether we want it or not, sometimes our opinions carry more weight or influence than they deserve.

Audiences deserve better.

Be friendly to everyone. Those who deserve it the least need it the most.

Beauty opened all the doors; it got me things I didn't even know I wanted, and things I certainly didn't deserve.

Because I don't give the studios advanced quotes or an advanced look at my reviews. I think the readers deserve to read my reviews before the studios do.