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God Quotes

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Deep down in every man, woman and child, is the fundamental idea of God. It may be obscured by calamity, by pomp, by worship of other things, but in some form or other it is there. For faith in a Power greater than ourselves, and miraculous demonstrations of that power in human lives, are facts as old as man himself.

Divine love always has met and always will meet every human need.

Eventually I lost interest in trying to control my life, to make things happen in a way that I thought I wanted them to be. I began to practice surrendering to the universe and finding out what "it" wanted me to do.

Every conjecture we can form with regard to the works of God has as little probability as the conjectures of a child with regard to the works of a man.

Every law of matter or the body, supposed to govern man,is rendered null and void by the law of Life, God.

Every man thinks God is on his side. The rich and powerful know he is.

Father expected a good deal of God. He didn't actually accuse God of inefficiency, but when he prayed his tone was loud and angry, like that of a dissatisfied guest in a carelessly managed hotel.

Fo those leaning on the sustaining infinite, today is big with blessings.

For the multitude of worldly friends profiteth not, nor may strong helpers anything avail, nor wise counselors give profitable counsel, nor the cunning of doctors give consolation, nor riches deliver in time of need, nor a secret place to defend, if Thou, Lord, do not assist, help, comfort, counsel, inform, and defend.

Gawd knows, and 'E won't split on a pal.

Give God time.

God delays, but doesn't forget.

God does not die on the day when we cease to believe in a personal deity, but we die on the day when our lives cease to be illuminated by the steady radiance, renewed daily, of a wonder, the source of which is beyond all reason.

God does not pay weekly, but he pays at the end.

God doth not need Either man's work or his own gifts; who best Bear His mild yoke, they serve Him best; His state Is kingly; thousands at His bidding speed And post o'er land and ocean without rest - They also serve who only stand and wait.

God enters by a private door into every individual.

God gives the milk but not the pail.

God governs the world, and we have only to do our duty wisely, and leave the issue to him.

God has many names, though He is only one Being.

God Himself is not secure, having given man dominion over His works.

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