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Goodness Quotes

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He who loves goodness harbors angels, reveres reverence, and lives with God.

His daily prayer, far better understood in acts than in words, was simply doing good.

How far that little candle throws his beams! so shines a good deed in a naughty world.

I have known some men possessed of good qualities which were very serviceable to others, but useless to themselves; like a sundial on the front of a house, to inform and benefit the neighbors and passengers, but not the owner within.

In nothing do men approach so nearly to the gods as in doing good to men.

In the heraldry of heaven goodness precedes greatness, and so on earth it is more powerful. - The lowly and lovely may often do more good in their limited sphere than the gifted.

It is a law of our humanity, that man must know good through evil. - No great principle ever triumphed but through much evil. - No man ever progressed to greatness and goodness but through great mistakes.

It is only great souls that know how much glory there is in being good.

It seems to me it is only noble to be good. - Kind hearts are more than coronets.

Let a man be never so ungrateful or inhuman, he shall never destroy the satisfaction of my having done a good office.

Live for something. - Do good, and leave behind you a monument of virtue that the storms of time can never destroy. - Write your name in kindness, love, and mercy on the hearts of thousands you come in contact with year by year, and you will never be forgotten. - Your name and your good deeds will shine as the stars of heaven.

Never did any soul do good, but it came readier to do the same again, with more enjoyment. Never was love, or gratitude, or bounty practised, but with increasing joy, which made the practiser still more in love with the fair act.

Nothing can make a man truly great but being truly good and partaking of God's holiness.

Nothing good bursts forth all at once. The lightning may dart out of a black cloud; but the day sends his bright heralds before him, to prepare the world for his coming.

Nothing is rarer than real goodness.

Of all virtues and dignities of the mind, goodness is the greatest, being the character of the Deity; and without it, man is a busy, mischievous, wretched thing.

One can be resolved to promote good, or one can be resolved to be a good person- Two separate things that are mutually exclusive. See quote detail

Real goodness does not attach itself merely to this life - it points to another world. Political or professional reputation cannot last forever, but a conscience void of offence before God and man is an inheritance for eternity.

Since good, the more Communicated, more abundant grows.

That best portion of a good man's life, His little, nameless, unremembered acts Of kindness and of love.

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