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Grace Quotes

These are some of the best 'Grace' quotations and sayings.

An outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual grace.

As grace is first from God, so it is continually from him, as much as light is all day long from the sun, as well as at first dawn or at sun-rising.

As heat is opposed to cold, and light to darkness, so grace is opposed to sin. - Fire and water may as well agree in the same vessel, as grace and sin in the same heart.

God appoints our graces to be nurses to other men's weaknesses.

Grace comes into the soul, as the morning sun into the world; first a dawning; then a light; and at last the sun in his full and excellent brightness.

Grace is but glory begun, and glory is but grace perfected.

He does it with better grace, but I do it more natural.

Let grace and goodness be the principal loadstone of thy affections. For love which hath ends, will have an end; whereas that which is founded on true virtue, will always continue.

That word "Grace," in an ungracious mouth, is profane.

The being of grace must go before the increase of it; for there is no growth without life, and no building without a foundation.

The Christian graces are like perfumes, the more they are pressed, the sweeter they smell; like stars that shine brightest in the dark; like trees which, the more they are shaken, the deeper root they take, and the more fruit they bear.

The growth of grace is like the polishing of metals. There is first an opaque surface; by and by you see a spark darting out, then a strong light; till at length it sends back a perfect image of the sun that shines upon it.

The king-becoming graces are justice, verity, temperance, stableness, bounty, perseverance, mercy, lowliness, devotion, patience, courage, fortitude.

There is no such way to attain to greater measure of grace as for a man to live up to the little grace he has.

Virtue, wisdom, goodness, and real worth, like the loadstone, never lose their power. These are the true graces, which are linked hand in hand, because it is by their influence that human hearts are so firmly united to each other.

Whatever is graceful is virtuous, and whatever is virtuous is graceful.

Ye are fallen from grace.

You pray for the graces of faith and hope and love; but prayer alone will not bring them. - They must be wrought in you through labor and patience and suffering. - They are not kept put up in bottles for us, to be had for the mere asking; they must be the outgrowth of the life. - Prayer for them will be answered, but God will have us work out each one in the way of duty.