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Hatred Quotes

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I feel fairly certain that my hatred harms me more than the people whom I hate. See quote detail

I never hated a man enough to give him his diamonds back.

I shall never permit myself to stoop so low as to hate any man.

I will tell you what to hate. Hate hypocrisy; hate cant; hate intolerance, oppression, injustice, Pharisaism; hate them as Christ hated them - with a deep, abiding, God-like hatred.

If I wanted to punish an enemy it should be by fastening on him the trouble of constantly hating somebody.

If there is any person whom you dislike, that is the one of whom you should never speak.

If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is part of yourself. What isn't part of ourselves doesn't disturb us.

If you hate your enemies, you will contract such a vicious habit of mind as by degrees will break out upon those who are your friends, or those who are indifferent to you.

It does not matter much what a man hates provided he hates something.

It is human nature to hate the man whom you have hurt.

Malice and hatred are very fretting, and make our own minds sore and uneasy.

Malice can always find a mark to shoot at, and a pretence to fire.

Passionate hatred can give meaning and purpose to an empty life.

Psychiatrists today . . . see the irrational hostility that people everywhere vent upon one another as chiefly projected self-hate.

The hatred of those who are most nearly connected is the most inveterate.

The passion of hatred is so long lived and so obstinate a malady that the surest sign of death in a sick person is their desire for reconciliation.

The worst, the least curable hatred is that which has superseded deep love.

There are glances of hatred that stab, and raise no cry of murder.

Thousands are hated, while none are loved without a real cause.

We hate some persons because we do not know them; and will not know them because we hate them.

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