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Heart Quotes

These are some of the best 'Heart' quotations and sayings.

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A good heart is worth gold.

A kind heart is a fountain of gladness, making everything in its vicinity freshen into smiles.

A loving heart is the truest wisdom.

A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance.

A noble heart, like the sun, showeth its greatest countenance in its lowest estate.

All our actions take their hue from the complexion of the heart, as landscapes their variety from light.

All who know their own minds, do not know their own hearts.

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

But I will wear my heart upon my sleeve For daws to peck at; I am not what I am.

Discouraged not by difficulties without, or the anguish of ages within, the heart listens to a secret voice that whispers: "Be not dismayed; in the future lies the Promised Land."

Each heart is a world. - You find all within yourself that you find without. - To know yourself you have only to set down a true statement of those that ever loved or hated you.

Great thoughts come from the heart.

Heaven's sovereign saves all beings but himself that hideous sight, a naked human heart.

I believe every person has a heart, and if you can reach it, you can make a difference.

I caused the widow's heart to sing for joy.

If a good face is a letter of recommendation, a good heart is a letter of credit.

If wrinkles must be written upon our brows, let them not be written upon the heart. The spirit should not grow old. See quote detail

If wrong our hearts, our heads are right in vain.

In the central place of every heart there is a recording chamber.  So long as it receives a message of beauty, hope, cheer, and courage - so long are you young.  When the wires are all down and your heart is covered with the snow of pessimism and the ice of cynicism, then, and only then, are you grown old.

In the rush of daily living it's easy to forget all the remarkable people, real or fictional, who have been a part of your life. But if you just imagine they are near for a moment, you will realize that anyone who ever touched your heart is always with you, patiently waiting to emanate warmth and support whenever you remember to think of them.

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