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Heaven Quotes

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I would not give one moment of heaven for all the joy and riches of the world, even if it lasted for thousands and thousands of years.

If God hath made this world so fair, where sin and death abound, how beautiful, beyond compare, will paradise be found.

If the way to heaven be narrow, it is not long; and if the gate be strait, it opens into endless life.

In heaven an angel is nobody in particular.

In my father's house are many mansions.

In the spiritual world no one is permitted to think and will in one way and speak and act in another.

It is heaven only that is given away - only God may be had for the asking.

It is heaven upon earth to have a man's mind move in charity, rest in providence, and turn upon the poles of truth.

It is not talking but walking that will bring us to heaven.

Lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven.

My gems are falling away; but it is because God is making up his jewels.

No man will go to heaven when he dies who has not sent his heart thither while he lives. Our greatest security is to be derived from duty, and our only confidence from the mercy of God through Jesus Christ.

Nothing is farther than earth from heaven; nothing is nearer than heaven to earth.

One of the hardest lessons we have to learn in this life, and one that many persons never learn, is to see the divine, the celestial, the pure in the common, the near at hand, - to see that heaven lies about us here in this world.

One sweetly solemn thought comes to me o'er and o'er; I'm nearer to my home today than I've ever been before; nearer my Father's house, where the many mansions be; nearer the great white throne, nearer the jasper sea; nearer the bound of life, where I lay my burden down; nearer leaving my cross; nearer wearing my crown!

Perfect purity, fulness of joy, everlasting freedom, perfect rest, health, and fruition, complete security, substantial and eternal good.

Spend in pure converse our eternal day; think each in each, immediately wise; learn all we lacked before; hear, know, and say what this tumultuous body now denies; and feel, who have laid our groping hands away; and see, no longer blinded by our eyes.

That happy sense of direct relation with Heaven is known evidently to multitudes of human souls of all faiths, and in all lands; evidently often a dream, - demonstrably, as I conceive, often a reality; in all cases dependent on resolution, patience, self-denial, prudence, obedience; of which some pure hearts are capable without effort, and some by constancy.

That which at first seemed a curse has turned out to be a blessing. For if men believe, as I do, that this present earth is the only heaven, they will strive all the more to make heaven of it. To feel that we are mere birds of passage, only temporary probationers, is not conducive to the best conduct.

The city which God has prepared is as imperishable in its inhabitants as its materials. Its pearl, its jasper, its pure gold, are only immortal to frame the abode of immortals. No cry of death is in any of its dwellings. No funeral darkens along any of its ways. No sepulcher of the holiest relics gleams among the everlasting hills, "Violence is not heard in the land." "There is no more death." Its very name has perished. "Is swallowed up in victory."

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