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History Quotes

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Could I have but a line a century hence crediting a contribution to the advance of peace, I would gladly yield every honor which has been accorded me in war.

Dad, I'm in some trouble. There's been an accident and you're going to hear all sorts of things about me from now on. Terrible things.

Democratic nations must try to find ways to starve the terrorist and the hijacker of the oxygen of publicity on which they depend.

Despise the enemy strategically, but take him seriously tactically.

Difficulty is the excuse history never accepts.

Each generation gathers together the imperishable children of the past, and increases them by new sons of light, alike radiant with immortality.

Every great writer is a writer of history, let him treat on what subjects he may. - He carries with him, for thousands of years, a portion of his times.

Failure is impossible.

Fear of serious injury alone cannot justify oppression of free speech and assembly. Men feared witches and burnt women. It is the function of speech to free men from the bondage of irrational fears.

Following the light of the sun, we left the Old World.

France is delighted at this new opportunity to show the world that when one has the will one can succeed in joining peoples who have been brought close by history.

Friendship is a word the very sight of which in print makes the heart warm.

Given Pounds and five years, and an ordinary man can in the ordinary course, without any undue haste or putting any pressure upon his taste, surround himself with books, all in his own language, and thence forward have at least one place in the world.

God cannot alter the past, though historians can.

Grecian history is a poem; Latin history, a picture; modern history a chronicle.

He alone reads history aright, who, observing how powerfully circumstances influence the feelings and opinions of men, how often vices pass into virtues, and paradoxes into axioms, learns to distinguish what is accidental and transitory in human nature from what is essential and immutable.

Historian: an unsuccessful novelist.

Historians give us the extraordinary events, and omit just what we want, the everyday life of each particular time and country.

History has its foreground and its background, and it is principally in the management of its perspective that one artist differs from another. Some events must be represented on a large scale, others diminished; the great majority will be lost in the dimness of the horizon, and a general idea of their joint effect will be given by a few slight touches.

History is a cyclic poem written by time upon the memories of man.

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