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Hope Quotes

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Stars will blossom in the darkness, Violets bloom beneath the snow.

Strong hope is a much greater stimulant of life than any single realized joy could be.

Take hope from the heart of man and you make him a beast of prey.

Ten thousand men possess ten thousand hopes.

The engineering is secondary to the vision.

The gift we can offer others is so simple a thing as hope.

The good man's hope is laid far - far beyond the sway of tempests, or the furious sweep of mortal desolation.

The happy ending is our national belief.

The heart bowed down by weight of woe to weakest hope will cling.

The hopeful man sees success where others see failure, sunshine where others see shadows and storm.

The hours we pass with happy prospects in view are more pleasant than those crowned with fruition. In the first case we cook the dish to our own appetite; in the last it is cooked for us.

The human body experiences a powerful gravitational pull in the direction of hope. That is why the patient's hopes are the physician's secret weapon. They are the hidden ingredients in any prescription.

The important thing is not that we can live on hope alone, but that life is not worth living without it.

The man who lives only by hope will die with despair.

The mighty hopes that make us men.

The miserable have no medicine but hope.

The sickening pang of hope deferr'd.

The wind was cold off the mountains and I was a naked man with enemies behind me, and nothing before me but hope.

The world dares say no more for its device, than "while I live, I hope"; but the children of God can add by virtue of a living hope, "while I expire, I hope."

The worldly hope men set their hearts upon turns ashes - or it prospers; and anon, like snow upon the desert's dusty face, lighting a little hour or two - is gone.

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