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Humility Quotes

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The Christian is like the ripening corn; the riper he grows the more lowly he bends his head.

The doctrines of grace humble man without degrading, and exalt without inflating him.

The fullest and best ears of corn hang lowest toward the ground.

The richest pearl in the Christian's crown of graces is humility.

The saint that wears heaven's brightest crown in deepest adoration bends; the weight of glory bows him down the most when most his soul ascends; nearest the throne itself must be the footstool of humility.

The street is full of humiliations to the proud.

The sufficiency of my merit is to know that my merit is not sufficient.

There is but one road to lead us to God - humility; all other ways would only lead astray, even were they fenced in with all virtues.

There is many a wounded heart without a contrite spirit. - The ice may be broken into a thousand pieces but it is ice still. - But expose it to the beams of the sun of righteousness, and then it will melt.

There is nothing so clear-sighted and sensible as a noble mind in a low estate.

They that know God will be humble; they that know themselves cannot be proud.

To be humble to superiors, is duty; to equals, is courtesy; to inferiors, is nobleness; and to all, safety; it being a virtue that, for all its lowliness, commandeth those it stoops to.

Trees that, like the poplar, lift upward all their boughs, give no shade and no shelter whatever their height. Trees the most lovingly shelter and shade us when, like the willow, the higher soar their summits, the lowlier droop their boughs.

True dignity abides with him only, who, in the silent hour of inward thought, can still suspect, and still revere himself, in lowliness of heart.

True humility is not an abject, groveling, self-despising spirit; it is but a right estimate of ourselves as God sees us.

True humility makes way for Christ, and throws the soul at his feet.

Truly, this world can get on without us, if we would but think so.

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