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Ideas Quotes

These are some of the best 'Ideas' quotations and sayings.

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A cold in the head causes less suffering than an idea.

A great idea is usually original to more than one discoverer. - Great ideas come when the world needs them. - They surround the world's ignorance and press for admission.

A healthful hunger for a great idea is the beauty and blessedness of life.

A soul occupied with great ideas best performs small duties.

A vague recollection fills my mind, an image dazzling, but undefined, like the memory of a gorgeous dream.-It crowds my brain confusedly, but will not stay.-It changes like the tremulous sunshine on the wave, till  imagination itself is dazzled, bewildered, over­powered.

An idea can turn to dust or magic, depending on the talent that rubs against it.

An idea is a feat of association, and the height of it is a good metaphor.

An idea, like a ghost, according to the common notion of ghosts, must be spoken to a little before it will explain itself.

An idea, to be suggestive, must come to the individual with the force of revelation.

Are you a serial idea-starting person? The goal is to be an idea-shipping person.

Big ideas are little ideas that no-one killed too soon.

Bred to think as well as speak by vote, we furnish our minds, as we furnish our houses, with the fancies of others, and according to the mode and age of our country. - We pick up our ideas and notions in common conversation, as in schools.

By what strange law of mind is it that an idea long overlooked, and trodden under foot as a useless stone, suddenly sparkles out in new light, as a discovered diamond?

Don't worry about people stealing your ideas. If your ideas are any good, you'll have to ram them down people's throats.

Events are only the shells of ideas; and often it is the fluent thought of ages that is crystallized in a moment by the stroke of a pen or the point of a bayonet.

Every man with an idea has at least two or three followers.

Every time a man puts a new idea across he finds ten men who thought of it before he did - but they only thought of it.

Everything begins with an idea.

For an idea ever to be fashionable is ominous, since it must afterwards be always old-fashioned.

For parlour use, the vague generality is a lifesaver.

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