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Infidelity Quotes

These are some of the best 'Infidelity' quotations and sayings.

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A man's wickedness sets Christianity against him before he can have any temptation to set himself against Christianity.

Charles II hearing Vossius; a free­thinker, repeating some incredible stories of the Chinese, turned to those about him and said, "This learned divine is a very strange man; he believes everything but the Bible."

Faith in God hallows and confirms the union between parents and children, and subjects and rulers. - Infidelity relaxes every band, and nullifies every blessing.

Freethinkers are generally those who never think at all.

Hume took unwearied pains to prove that nothing could be proved.

I would rather dwell in the dim fog of superstition, than in air rarified to nothing by the air-pump of unbelief; in which the panting breast expires, vainly and convulsively gasping for breath.

If on one side there are fair proofs, and no pretense of proof on the other, and the difficulties are more pressing on that side which is destitute of proof, I desire to know whether this be not upon the matter as satisfactory to a wise man as a demonstration.

Infidelity and Faith look both through the same perspective-glass, but at contrary ends. Infidelity looks through the wrong end of the glass; and, therefore, sees those objects near which are afar off, and makes great things little, - diminishing the greatest spiritual blessings, and removing far from us threatened evils. Faith looks at the right end, and brings the blessings that are far off close to our eye, and multiplies God's mercies, which, in the distance, lost their greatness.

Infidelity gives nothing in return for what it takes away. What, then, is it Worth? Everything valuable has a compensating power. Not a blade of grass that withers, or the ugliest weed that is flung away to rot or die, but reproduces something.

Infidelity grows strong under oppressive civil rule; weak under that which is just.

Infidelity is one of the false coinages - a mass of base money that will not pass current with any heart that loves truly, or any head that thinks correctly. - It is a fearful blindness of the soul.

Infidelity, indeed, is the root of all sin; for did man heartily believe the promises to obedience, and the threats to disobedience, they could hardly be so unreasonable as to forfeit the one or incur the other.

Infidelity, is seated in the heart; its origin is not in the head. - It is the wish that Christianity might not be true, that leads to an argument to prove it.

It is always safe to follow the religious belief that our mother taught us; there never was a mother yet who taught her child to be an infidel.

Let any of those who renounce Christianity, write fairly down in a book all the absurdities they believe instead of it, and they will find it requires more faith to reject Christianity than to embrace it.

Man may doubt here and there, but mankind does not doubt. - The universal conscience is larger than the individual conscience, and that constantly comes in to correct and check our infidelity.

Men always grow vicious before they become unbelievers; but if you would once convince profligates by topics drawn from the view of their own quiet, reputation, and health, their infidelity would soon drop off.

Take my word for it, it is not prudent to trust yourself to any man who does not believe in a God or in a future after death.

The nurse of infidelity is sensuality.

There is but one thing without honor, smitten with eternal barrenness, inability to do or to be, and that is unbelief. He who believes nothing, who believes only the shows of things, is not in relation with nature and fact at all.

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