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Intemperance Quotes

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The smaller the drink the clearer the head and the cooler the blood, which are great benefits in temper and business.

There is no vice in nature more debasing and destructive to men than intemperance. It robs them of their reason, reputation, and interest. It renders them unfit for human society. It degrades them below the beasts that perish, and justly exposes them to universal odium and contempt.

Those men who destroy a healthful constitution of body by intemperance and an irregular life, do as manifestly kill themselves, as those who hang, or poison, or drown themselves.

Touch the goblet no more; it will make thy heart sore, to its very core.

When the cup of any sensual pleasure is drained to the bottom, there is always poison in the dregs.

Wise men mingle mirth with their cares, as a help either to forget or overcome them; but to resort to intoxication for the ease of one's mind, is to cure melancholy by madness.

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