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Judgment Quotes

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To judge by the event, is an error all abuse and all commit; for in every instance, courage, if crowned with success, is heroism; if clouded by defeat, temerity.

We do not judge men by what they are in themselves, but by what they are relatively to us.

While actions are always to be judged by the immutable standard of right and wrong, the judgments we pass upon men must be qualified by considerations of age, country, station, and other accidental circumstances; and it will then be found that he who is most charitable in his judgment is generally the least unjust.

While I am ready to adopt any well-grounded opinion, my inmost heart revolts against receiving the judgments of others respecting persons, and whenever I have done so, I have bitterly repented of it.

You think it a want of judgment that one changes his opinion. - Is it a proof that your scales are bad because they vibrate with every additional weight that is added to either side?

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