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Justice Quotes

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Justice, sir, is the great interest of man on earth. It is the ligament which holds civilized beings and civilized nations together. See quote detail

Justice, when equal scales she holds, is blind; nor cruelty, nor mercy, change her mind; when some escape for that which others die, mercy to those to these is cruelty.

Let justice be done, though the heavens fall.

Man is corrupt; and therefore his best chance to attain justice and freedom lies in keeping the hands of ambitious men from that power which invites corruption. See quote detail

Man is unjust, but God is just; and finally justice triumphs.

Mankind are always found prodigal both of blood and treasure in the maintenance of public justice.

Men are not hanged for stealing horses, but that horses may not be stolen.

Ne'er of the living can the living judge - too blind the affection, or too fresh the grudge.

No obligation to justice does force a man to be cruel, or to use the sharpest sentence. A just man does justice to every man and to everything; and then, if he be also wise, he knows there is a debt of mercy and compassion due to the infirmities of man's nature; and that is to be paid; and he that is cruel and ungentle to a sinning person, and does the worst to him, is in his debt and is unjust.

Nobody is poor unless he stand in need of justice.

One man's word is no man's word; we should quietly hear both sides.

Render therefore to all their dues.

Strike if you will, but hear me.

The Court's authority - possessed of neither the purse nor the sword -ultimately rests on substantial public confidence in its moral sanctions.

The hungry judges soon the sentence sign, and wretches hang that jurymen may dine.

The just, though they hate evil, yet give men a patient hearing; hoping that they will show proofs that they are not evil.

The only way to make the mass of mankind see the beauty of justice, is by showing them, in pretty plain terms, the consequence of injustice.

The path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day.

The sentiment of justice is so natural, and so universally acquired by all mankind, that it seems to be independent of all law, all party, all religion.

The spirits of just men made perfect.

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