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Marriage Quotes

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Men who have a pierced ear are better prepared for marriage - they've experienced pain and bought jewelry.

Modern American marriage is like a wire fence. The woman's the wire -the posts are the husband's.

More marriages might survive if the partners realized that sometimes the better comes after the worse.

My advice to you is get married: if you find a good wife you'll be happy; if not, you'll become a philosopher.

Never feel remorse for what you have thought about your wife; she has thought much worse things about you.

Never get married in college; it's hard to get a start if a prospective employer finds you've already made one mistake.

Never get married in the morning - you never know who you might meet that night.

Never marry but for love; but see that thou lovest what is lovely.

No labourer in the world is expected to work for room, board, and love -except the housewife.

No man is regular in his attendance at the House of Commons until he is married.

No married man is genuinely happy if he has to drink worse whisky than he used to drink when he was single.

No matter how happily a woman may be married, it always pleases her to discover that there is a nice man who wishes she were not.

Not the marriage of convenience, nor the marriage of reason, but the marriage of love. - All other marriage, with vows so solemn, with intimacy so close, is but acted falsehood and varnished sin.

Nothing flatters a man as much as the happiness of his wife; he is always proud of himself as the source of it.

O marriage! marriage! what a curse is thine, where hands alone consent, and hearts abhor!

Of all actions of a man's life, his marriage does least concern other people, yet of all actions of our life tis most meddled with by other people.

Oh, friendly to the best pursuits of man, friendly to thought, to virtue, and to peace, domestic life in rural leisure passed! few know thy value, and few taste thy sweets.

On rare occasions one does hear of a miraculous case of a married couple falling in love after marriage, but on close examination it will be found that it is a mere adjustment to the inevitable.

One advantage of marriage is that, when you fall out of love with him or he falls out of love with you, it keeps you together until you fall in again.

One of the best hearing aids a man can have is an attentive wife.

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