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Memory Quotes

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O, Memory, thou bitter-sweet - both a joy and a scourge.

Of all the faculties of the mind, memory is the first that flourishes, and the first that dies.

Oh longing for places that were not Cherished enough in that fleeting hour How I long to make good from afar The forgotten gesture, the additional act.

One always begins to forgive a place as soon as it's left behind.

Only time moves on to the next scene. Memory remains part of the heart forever.

Our memories are independent of our wills. It is not so easy to forget.

Recollection is the only paradise from which we cannot be turned out.

Reminiscences make one feel so deliciously aged and sad.

That memory is the book of judgment, from some opium experiences of mine, I can believe. I have, indeed, seen the same thing asserted in modern books, and accompanied by a remark which I am convinced is true, namely: that the dread book of account, which the Scriptures speak of is, in fact, the mind itself of each individual. Of this, at least, I feel assured - that there is no such thing as forgetting, possible to the mind; a thousand accidents may and will interpose a veil between our present consciousness and the secret inscriptions on the mind; accidents of the same sort will also rend away this veil; but whether veiled or unveiled, the inscription remains forever; just as the stars seem to withdraw before the common light of day; whereas, in fact, we all know that it is the light which is drawn over them as a veil, and that they are waiting to be revealed, when the obscuring daylight shall have withdrawn.

That which is bitter to endure may be sweet to remember.

That which we remember of our conduct is ignored by our closest neighbour; but that which we have forgotten having said, or even what we never said, will cause laughter even into the next world.

The advantage of a bad memory is that one enjoys several times the same good things for the first time.

The joys I have possessed are ever mine; out of thy reach, behind eternity, hid in the sacred treasure of the past, but blest remembrance brings them hourly back.

The memory has as many moods as the temper, and shifts its scenery like a diorama.

The memory is a treasurer to whom we must give funds, if we would draw the assistance we need.

The memory of past favors, is like a rainbow, bright, vivid, and beautiful, but it soon fades away. - The memory of injuries is engraved on the heart, and remains forever.

The palest ink is better than the best memory.

The past is a work of art, free of irrelevancies and loose ends.

The Right Honorable gentleman is indebted to his memory for his jests and to his imagination for his facts.

The secret of a good memory is attention, and attention to a subject depends upon our interest in it. - We rarely forget that which has made a deep impression on our minds.

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