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Men Quotes

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Men and statues that are admired in an elevated station, have a very different effect on us when we approach them: the first appear less than we imagined them: the last, larger.

Men are but children, too, though they have gray hairs; they are only of a larger size.

Men are the sport of circumstances, when the circumstances seem the sport of men.

Men are what their mothers made them. You may as well ask a loom which weaves huckaback, why it does not make cashmere, as expect poetry from this engineer, or a chemical discovery from that jobber.

Men become old, but they never become good.

Men build bridges and throw ra ilroads across deserts, and yet they contend successfully that the job of sewing on a button is beyond them. Accordingly, they don't have to sew buttons.

Men hang out their signs indicative of their respective trades: shoemakers hang out a gigantic shoe; jewelers, a monster watch; and the dentist hangs out a gold tooth; but up in the mountains of New Hampshire, God Almighty has hung out a sign to show that there He makes men. See quote detail

Men's men: be they gentle or simple, they're much of a muchness.

Men, by associating in large masses, as in camps and cities, improve their talents but impair their virtues; and strengthen their minds, but weaken their morals; thus a retrocession in the one, is too often the price they pay for a refinement of the other.

No man thinks there is much ado about nothing when the ado is about himself.

Nothing is so silly as the expression of a man who is being complimented.

On the whole, I haven't found men unduly loath to say, "I love you." The real trick is to get them to say, "Will you marry me?"

Study men, not historians. See quote detail

The beauty of stature is the only beauty of men.

The desire of a man for a woman is not directed at her because she is a human being, but because she is a woman. That she is a human being is of no concern to him.

The follies which a man regrets the most in his life are those which he didn't commit when he had the opportunity.

The more I see of men the more I like dogs.

The only thing worse than a man you can't control is a man you can.

The real difference between men is energy. A strong will, a settled purpose, an invincible determination, can accomplish almost anything; and in this lies the distinction between great men and little men.

The right man is the one that seizes the moment.

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