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Mind Quotes

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The best way to prove the clearness of our mind, is by showing its faults; as when a stream discovers the dirt at the bottom, it convinces us of the transparency and purity of the water.

The blessing of an active mind, when it is in a good condition, is, that it not only employs itself, but is almost sure to be the means of giving wholesome employment to others.

The defects of the mind, like those of the face, grow worse with age.

The end which at present calls forth our efforts will be found, when it is once gained, to be only one of the means to some remoter end. The natural flights of the human mind are not from pleasure to pleasure, but from hope to hope.

The failure of the mind in old age is often less the result of natural decay, than of disuse. - Ambition has ceased to operate; contentment brings indolence, and indolence decay of mental power, ennui, and sometimes death. - Men have been known to die, literally speaking, of disease induced by intellectual vacancy.

The finite mind does not require to grasp the infinitude of truth, but only to go forward from light to light.

The great business of man is to improve his mind, and govern his manners; all other projects and pursuits, whether in our power to compass or not, are only amusements.

The human mind cannot create anything. It produces nothing until after having been fertilized by experience and meditation; its acquisitions are the germs of its production.

The idea that there is a want of sympathy in the mass of the people with an educated man's mind, is much exaggerated in general belief. - Any fine thought, or rich expression is apprehended by the common mind somehow; vaguely at first; but so almost any thought is, at first, vaguely and uncertainly apprehended by any but a thoroughly trained mind.

The mind grows narrow in proportion as the soul grows corrupt.

The mind has a certain vegetative power, which cannot be wholly idle. If it is not laid out and cultivated into a beautiful garden, it will of itself shoot up in weeds or flowers of a wild growth.

The mind is but a barren soil; a soil which is soon exhausted, and will produce no crop, or only one, unless it be continually fertilized and enriched with foreign matter.

The mind is chameleon-like in one respect, it receives hues from without; but it is unlike it in another respect, for it retains them.

The mind is everything. What you think you become.

The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, and a hell of heaven.

The mind is like a sheet of white paper in this, that the impressions it receives the oftenest, and retains the longest, are black ones. See quote detail

The mind itself must, like other things, sometimes be unbent; or else it will be either weakened or broken.

The mind ought sometimes to be diverted that it may return to better thinking.

The more accurately we search into the human mind, the stronger traces we everywhere find of the wisdom of Him who made it.

The need for change bulldozed road down the center of my mind.

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