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Opinion Quotes

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Fly no opinion because it is new, but strictly search, and after careful view, reject it if false, embrace it if 'tis true.

Force and not opinion is the queen of the world; but it is opinion that uses the force.

He that never changes his opinion never corrects mistakes and will never be wiser on the morrow than he is today.

He who has no opinion of his own, but depends upon the opinion and taste of others, is a slave.

He who is master of all opinions can never be the bigot of any.

I could never divide myself from any man upon the difference of opinion be angry with his judgment for not agreeing in that from which, within a few days, I might dissent myself.

I disapprove of what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it.

I do not regret having braved public opinion, when I knew it was wrong and was sure it would be merciless.

I know where there is more wisdom than is found in Napoleon, Voltaire, or all the ministers present and to come - in public opinion.

I will utter what I believe today, if it should contradict all I said yesterday.

If a man should register all his opinions upon love, politics, religion, learning, etc., beginning from his youth, and so go on to old age, what a bundle of inconsistencies and contradictions would appear at last.

If you want people to think well of you, do not speak well of yourself.

In all things reason should prevail; it is quite another thing to be stiff, than to be steady in an opinion.

Inconsistencies of opinion, arising from changes of circumstances, are often justifiable. See quote detail

It has been shrewdly said that when men abuse us, we should suspect ourselves, and when they praise us, them. It is a rare instance of virtue to despise censure which we do not deserve, and still more rare to despise praise, which we do. But that integrity that lives only on opinion would starve without it.

It is always considered a piece of impertinence in England if a man of less than two or three thousand a year has any opinions at all upon important subjects.

It is easy in the world to live after the world's opinion. It is easy in solitude to live after our own. But the great man is he who, in the midst of the crowd, keeps with perfect sweetness the independence of solitude.

It is more true to say that our opinions depend upon our lives and habits, than to say that our lives and habits depend on our opinions.

It is not only arrogant, but profligate, for a man to disregard the world's opinion of himself.

It is not truth, but opinion that can travel the world without a passport.

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