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Peace Quotes

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Peace is the evening star of the soul, as virtue is its sun; and the two are never far apart.

Peace is the proper result of the Christian temper. It is the great kindness which our religion doth us, that it brings us to a settledness of mind, and a consistency within ourselves.

Peace rules the day, where reason rules the mind.

Peace rules the day, where reason rules the mind.

Peace, dear nurse of arts, plenties, and joyful birth.

Peace, like charity, begins at home.

Peace: in international affairs, a period of cheating between two periods of fighting.

People always make war when they say they love peace.

People become really quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do things. When they believe in themselves they have the first secret of success.

Pessimism never won any battle.

Positive thoughts (joy, happiness, fulfillment, achievement, worthiness) have positive results (enthusiasm, calm, well-being, ease, energy, love). - Negative thoughts (judgment, unworthiness, mistrust, resentment, fear) produce negative results (tension, anxiety, alienation, anger, fatigue).

Speak, move, act in peace, as if you were in prayer. In truth, this is prayer.

Stop the mindless wishing that things would be different. Rather than wasting time and emotional and spiritual energy in explaining why we don't have what we want, we can start to pursue other ways to get it.

That they may have a little peace, even the best dogs are compelled to snarl occasionally.

The average pencil is seven inches long, with just a half-inch eraser - in case you thought optimism was dead.

The dog was created specially for children. He is a god of frolic.

The fruit of love is service. The fruit of service is peace. And peace begins with a smile.

The great pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him and not only will he not scold you, but he will make a fool of himself too.

The man who consecrates his hours by vigorous effort, and an honest aim, at once he draws the sting of life and Death; he walks with nature; and her paths are peace.

The more we sweat in peace the less we bleed in war.

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