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Politics Quotes

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I do have a political agenda. It's to have as few regulations as possible.

I don't make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts.

I don't pick on politicians. They ain't done nothin'.

I hate all bungling as I do sin, but particularly bungling in politics, which leads to the misery and ruin of many thousands and millions of people.

I have a fantasy where Ted Turner is elected President but refuses because he doesn't want to give up power.

I have a very good family. I'm very fortunate to have a very good family. I believe very strongly in the family. It's one of the things we have in our platform, is to talk about it.

I have made good judgements in the past. I have made good judgements in the future.

I have never found, in a long experience of politics, that criticism is ever inhibited by ignorance.

I have never regarded politics as the arena of morals. It is the arena of interests.

I have no ambition to govern men; it is a painful and thankless office.

I have read their platform, and though I think there are some unsound places in it, I can stand upon it pretty well. But I see nothing in it both new and valuable. "What is valuable is not new, and what is new is not valuable." See quote detail

I have the perfect simplified tax form for government. Why don't they just print our money with a return address on it?

I just don't believe in the basic concept that someone should make their whole career in public service.

I just received the following wire from my generous Daddy; Dear Jack, Don't buy a single vote more than is necessary. I'll be damned if I'm going to pay for a landslide.

I know many writers who first dictate passages, then polish what they have dictated. I speak, then I polish - occasionally I do windows.

I know not where to look for any single work which is so full of the great principles of political wisdom, as the laws of Moses and the history of the kings of Israel and Judah.

I love California, I practically grew up in Phoenix.

I love power. But it is as an artist that I love it. I love it as a musician loves his violin, to draw out its sounds and chords and harmonies.

I pledge you, I pledge myself, to a new deal for the American people. Let us all here assembled constitute ourselves prophets of a new order of competence and courage. This is a call to arms.

I resent at any time or at any place the attitude that the safety of this country depends on any man holding his job. No man has achieved that strength, and this country has not deteriorated to that weakness.

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