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Pride Quotes

These are some of the best 'Pride' quotations and sayings.

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'Tis the most nonsensical thing in the world for a man to be proud, since 'tis in the meanest wretch's power to mortify him. How uneasy have I seen my Lord All-Pride in the park, when the company turned their eyes from him and his gaudy equipage!

A beggar's rags may cover as much pride as an alderman's gown.

A confessional passage has probably never been written that didn't stink a little bit of the writer's pride in having given up his pride.

A proud man is seldom a grateful man, for he never thinks he gets as much as he deserves.

A proud man never shows his pride so much as when he is civil.

As Plato entertained some friends in a room where there was a couch richly ornamented, Diogenes came in very dirty, as usual, and getting upon the couch, and trampling on it, said, "I trample upon the pride of Plato." Plato mildly answered, "But with greater pride, Diogenes!"

Deep is the sea, and deep is hell, but pride mineth deeper; it is coiled as a poisonous worm about the foundations of the soul.

Haughty people seem to me to have, like the dwarfs, the statures of a child and the face of a man.

He that is proud eats up himself; pride is his glass, his trumpet, his chronicle; and whatever praises itself but in the deed, devours the deed in the praise.

I do not believe that any peacock envies another peacock his tail, because every peacock is persuaded that his own tail is the finest in the world. The consequence of this is that peacocks are peaceable birds.

I frankly confess I have a respect for family pride. - If it be a prejudice, it is prejudice in its most picturesque shape. - But I hold it is connected with some of the noblest feelings in our nature.

I have been more and more convinced, the more I think of it, that, in general, pride is at the bottom of all great mistakes. All the other passions do occasional good; but whenever pride puts in its word, everything goes wrong; and what it might really be desirable to do, quietly and innocently, it is mortally dangerous to do proudly.

If a man has a right to be proud of anything, it is of a good action done as it ought to be, without any base interest lurking at the bottom of it.

If a proud man makes me keep my distance, the comfort is that he keeps his at the same time.

In beginning the world, if you don't wish to get chafed at every turn, fold up your pride carefully, and put it under lock and key, and only let it out to air on grand occasions. - It is a garment all stiff brocade outside, and all grating sackcloth on the side next to the skin. - Even kings do not wear the dalmaticum except at a coronation.

In pride, in reas'ning pride, our error lies; All quit their sphere and rush into the skies. Pride still is aiming at the bless'd abodes, Men would be angels, angels would be gods.

Infidelity, alas! is not always built upon doubt, for this is diffident, nor philosophy always upon wisdom, for this is meek; but pride is neither.

It is oftener from pride, than from want of understanding that we oppose the opinions adopted by the world.-We find the first places are taken in a good cause, and are unwilling to come in as second.

It is with nations as with individuals, those who know the least of others think the highest of themselves; for the whole family of pride and ignorance are incestuous, and mutually beget each other.

John Bunyan had a great dread of spiritual pride; and once, after he had preached a very fine sermon, and his friends crowded round to shake him by the hand, while they expressed the utmost admiration of his eloquence, he interrupted them, saying: "Ay! you need not remind me of that, for the Devil told me of it before I was out of the pulpit!"

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