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Reason Quotes

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Neither great poverty nor great riches will hear reason.

Never reason from what you do not know. If you do, you will soon believe what is utterly against reason.

No doctrine can be a proper object of our faith which it is not more reasonable to receive than to reject.

Philosophers have done wisely when they have told us to cultivate our reason rather than our feelings, for reason reconciles us to the daily things of existence; our feelings teach us to yearn after the far, the difficult, the unseen.

Real life is, to most men, a long second-best, a perpetual compromise between the ideal and the possible; but the world of pure reason knows no compromise, no practical limitations, no barrier to the creative activity.

Reason alone is insufficient to make us enthusiastic in any matter.

Reason and free inquiry are the only effectual agents against error.

Reason and judgment are the qualities of a leader.

Reason and justice tell me there's more love for humanity in electricity and steam than in chastity and vegetarianism.

Reason and love are sworn enemies.

Reason and virtue alone can bestow liberty.

Reason can be used only when looking critically back.

Reason can never be popular. Passions and feelings may become popular, but reason will always remain the sole property of a few eminent individuals.

Reason can never prove the existence of God.

Reason can no more influence the will, and operate as a motive, than the eyes which show a man his road can enable him to move from place to place, or than a ship provided with a compass can sail without a wind.

Reason cannot establish values, and its belief that it can is the stupidiest and most pernicious illusion.

Reason clears and plants the wilderness of the imagination to harvest the wheat of art.

Reason commands us far more imperiously than a master; for in disobeying the one we are unfortunate, and in disobeying the other we are fools.

Reason deserves to be called a prophet; for in showing up the consequence and effect of our actions in the present, does it not tell us what the future will be?

Reason does not work instinctively, but requires trial, practice, and instruction in order to gradually progress from one level of insight to another.

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