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Riches Quotes

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To value riches is not to be covetous. They are the gift of God, and, like every gift of his, good in themselves, and capable of a good use. But to over­value riches, to give them a place in the heart which God did not design them to fill, this is covetousness.

We are so vain as to set the highest value upon those things to which nature has assigned the lowest place. What can be more coarse and rude in the mind than the precious metals, or more slavish and dirty than the people that dig and work them? And yet they defile our minds more than our bodies, and make the possessor fouler than the artificer of them. Rich men, in fine, are only the greater slaves.

We see how much a man has, and therefore we envy him; did we see how little he enjoys, we should rather pity him.

Wealth is not his that has it, but his that enjoys it.

Worldly riches are like nuts; many clothes are torn in getting them, many a tooth broke in cracking them, but never a belly filled with eating them.

Wouldst thou multiply thy riches? - diminish them wisely. - Or wouldst thou make thine estate entire? - divide it charitably. - Seeds that are scattered increase, but hoarded up they perish.

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