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Sin Quotes

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So many laws argue so many sins.

The deadliest sin were the consciousness of no sin.

The greatest sin, after the initial sin, is its publication.

The recognition of sin is the beginning of salvation.

The sin that now rises to your memory as your bosom sin, let this be first of all withstood and mastered. - Oppose it instantly by a detestation of it, by a firm will to conquer it, by reflection, by reason, by prayer.

The sin they do by two and two they must pay for one by one.

The wages of sin are unreported.

The wages of sin-is death.

The wages that sin bargains for with the sinner, are life, pleasure, and profit; but the wages it pays him, are death, torment, and destruction. To understand the falsehood and deceit of sin, we must compare its promises and payments together.

The way of transgressors is hard.

The worst effect of sin is within, and is manifest not in poverty, and pain, and bodily defacement, but in the discrowned faculties, the unworthy love, the low ideal, the brutalized and enslaved spirit.

There are some sins which are more justly to be denominated surprises than infidelities. To such the world should be lenient, as, doubtless, Heaven is forgiving.

There are three things which the true Christian desires in respect to sin: Justification, that it may not condemn; sanctification, that it may not reign; and glorification, that it may not be.

There is a vast difference between sins of infirmity and those of presumption, as vast as between inadvertency and deliberation.

There is more bitterness in sin's ending than there ever was sweetness in its acting. - If you see nothing but good in its commission, you will suffer only woe in its conclusion.

There is no fool equal to the sinner, who every moment ventures his soul.

There is no sin we can be tempted to commit, but we shall find a greater satisfaction in resisting than in committing.

We are saved from nothing if we are not saved from sin. Little sins are pioneers of hell.

What is human sin but the abuse of human appetites, of human passions, of human faculties, in themselves all innocent?

Whatever disunites man from God disunites man from man.

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