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Slander Quotes

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Slander as often comes from vanity as from malice.

Slander cannot make the subject of it either better or worse. - It may represent us in a false light, or place a likeness of us in a bad one, but we are always the same. - Not so the slanderer, for calumny always makes the calumniator worse, but the calumniated never.

Slander is a vice that strikes a double blow, wounding both him that commits, and him against whom it is committed.

Slander is the revenge of a coward, and dissimulation his defence.

Slander, whose edge is sharper than the sword; whose tongue outvenoms all the worms of Nile; whose breath rides on the posting winds, and doth belie all corners of the world.

Slanderers are like flies, that pass all over a man's good parts to light only on his sores.

Slugs crawl and crawl over our cabbages, like the world's slander over a good name. You may kill them, it is true, but there is the slime.

That thou art blamed, shall not be thy defect; for slander's mark was ever yet the fair; so thou be good, slander doth but approve thy worth the greater.

The man that dares traduce because he can with safety to himself, is not a man.

The slander of some people is as great a recommendation as the praise of others.

The slanderer and the assassin differ only in the weapon they use; with the one it is the dagger, with the other the tongue. - The former is worse than the latter, for the last only kills the body, while the other murders the reputation and peace.

The slanderer inflicts wrong by calumniating the absent; and he who gives credit to the calumny before he knows its truth, is equally guilty.

The surest method against scandal is to live it down by perseverance in well­doing.

The way to check slander is to despise it; attempt to overtake and refute it, and it will outrun you.

The worthiest people are the most injured by slander, as it is the best fruit which the birds have been pecking at.

There is nobody so weak of invention that he cannot make up some little stories to vilify his enemy.

There is nothing which wings its flight so swiftly as calumny, nothing which is uttered with more ease; nothing is listened to with more readiness, nothing dispersed more widely.

There would not be so many open mouths if there were not so many open ears.

When will talkers refrain from evil speaking? - When listeners refrain from evil hearing.

Who stabs my name would stab my person too, did not the hangman's axe lie in the way.

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