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Society Quotes

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Men would not live long in society, were they not the mutual dupes of each other.

Most of the change we think we see in life is due to truths being in and out of favor.

No company is preferable to bad. We are more apt to catch the vices of others than virtues, as disease is far more contagious than health.

One of the definitions of sanity is the ability to tell real from unreal. Soon we'll need a new definition.

Other people are quite dreadful. The only possible society is oneself.

Our individual lives cannot, generally, be works of art unless the social order is also.

Perhaps in time the so-called Dark Ages will be thought of as including our own.

Punishment is now unfashionable... because it creates moral distinctions among men, which, to the democratic mind, are odious. We prefer a meaningless collective guilt to a meaningful individual responsibility.

Social problems can no longer be solved by class warfare any more than international problems can be solved by wars between nations. Warfare is negative and will sooner or later lead to destruction, while good will and cooperation are positive and supply the only safe basis for building a better future.

Socialism is only a blind yearning after liberty and equality. It is the unsteady and brilliant dream of an earthly republic which can be realized only in the true Church of God.

Society - the only field where the sexes have ever met on terms of equality, the arena where character is formed and studied, the cradle and the realm of public opinion, the crucible of ideas, the world's university, at once a school and a theatre, the spur and the crown of ambition, the tribunal which unmasks pretension and stamps real merit, the power that gives government leave to be, and outruns the lazy church in fixing the moral sense.

Society has always seemed to demand a little more from human beings than it will get in practice.

Society has only one law, and that is custom. - Even religion is socially powerful only so far as it has custom on its side.

Society honors its living conformists and its dead troublemakers.

Society is a wall of very strong masonry, as it now stands; it may be sapped in the course of a thousand years, but stormed in a day - no! You dash your head against it - you scatter your brains, and you dislodge a stone. Society smiles in scorn, effaces the stain, and replaces the stone.

Society is composed of two great classes: those who have more dinners than appetite, and those who have more appetite than dinners.

Society is like a lawn, where every roughness is smoothed, every bramble eradicated, and where the eye is delighted by the smiling verdure of a velvet surface. He, however, who would study nature in its wildness and variety, must plunge into the forest, must explore the glen, must stem the torrent, and dare the precipice.

Society is no comfort to one not sociable.

Society is now one polished horde, formed of two mighty tribes, the bores and bored.

Society is one vast conspiracy for carving one into the kind of statue likes, and then placing it in the most convenient niche it has.

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