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Television Quotes

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Television is simply automated daydreaming.

Television is so dictated by time constraints that you have to make quick decisions and go with them.

Television is so influential that when an audience sees you day-in and day-out there's a certain acceptance that sets in; you're no longer a threatening personality. They become more willing to accept whatever you present.

Television is something the Russians invented to destroy American education.

Television is the first truly democratic culture - the first culture available to everybody and entirely governed by what the people want. The most terrifying thing is what people do want.

Television is the literature of the illiterate, the culture of the low-brow, the wealth of the poor, the privilege of the underprivileged, the exclusive club of the excluded masses.

Television is the most perfect democracy. You sit there with your remote control and vote.

Television is the triumph of machine over people.

Television is what made It's a Wonderful Life the classic it is today.

Television knows no night. It is perpetual day. TV embodies our fear of the dark, of night, of the other side of things.

Television makes so much at its worst that it can't afford to do its best.

Television news is a delicate balance of serving public good and private gain.

Television news is like a lightning flash. It makes a loud noise, lights up everything around it, leaves everything else in darkness and then is suddenly gone.

Television news was expanding to an hour, and producers did not know how to fill the space and time.

Television of course actually started in Britain in 1936, and it was a monopoly, and there was only one broadcaster and it operated on a license which is not the same as a government grant.

Television preachers extract money from the poor to live in a style and to indulge in shameful acts which equal or outdo the worst of the Renaissance Popes.

Television probably has become the most evocative, widely observed signpost we have.

Television provides the opportunity for an ongoing story - the opportunity to meld the cast and the characters and a world, and to spend more time there.

Television really does offer still great parts for women, cable in particular.

Television saved the movies. The Internet is going to save the news business.

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