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Temperance Quotes

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Temperance is the lawful gratification of a natural and healthy appetite.

Temperance is to the body what religion is to the soul, the foundation and source of health and strength and peace.

Temperance keeps the senses clear and unembarrassed. It appears with life in the face, and decorum in the person; it gives you the command of your head, secures your health, and preserves you in a condition for business.

Temperance puts wood on the fire, meal in the barrel, flour in the tub, money in the purse, credit in the country, contentment in the house, clothes on the children, vigor in the body, intelligence in the brain, and spirit in the whole constitution.

Temperance to be a virtue must be free and not forced. Virtue may be defended, as vice may be withstood by a statute, but no virtue is or can be created by a law, any more than by a battering ram a temple or obelisk can be reared.

Temperance, that virtue without pride, and fortune without envy, that gives vigor of frame and tranquillity of mind; the best guardian of youth and support of old age, the precept of reason as well as religion, the physician of the soul as well as the body, the tutelar goddess of health, and universal medicine of life.

The first draught serveth for health, the second for pleasure, the third for shame, and the fourth for madness.

The receipts of cookery are swelled to a volume, but a good stomach excels them all; to which nothing contributes more than industry and temperance.

The smaller the drink the clearer the head and the cooler the blood, which are great benefits in temper and business.

The temperate are the most truly luxurious. By abstaining from most things, it is surprising how many things we enjoy.

Though I look old, yet I am strong and lusty; for in my youth I never did apply hot and rebellious liquors in my blood; and did not, with unbashful forehead, woo the means of weakness and debility: therefore my age is as a lusty winter, frosty but kindly.

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