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The Present Quotes

These are some of the best 'The Present' quotations and sayings.

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A life uncommanded now is uncom-manded; a life unenjoyed now is unenjoyed; a life not lived wisely now is not lived wisely.

A preoccupation with the future not only prevents us from seeing the present as it is, but often prompts us to rearrange the past.

Act-act in the living Present!

All of us tend to put off living. We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon - instead of enjoying the roses that are blooming outside our windows today.

And if not now, when?

And now, Lord, what wait I for?

Are not my days few? Cease then, and let me alone, that I may take comfort a little, Before I go to the place from which I shall not return.

As we are always preparing to be happy, it is inevitable that we should never be so.

Be glad today. Tomorrow may bring tears. Be brave today. The darkest night will pass. And golden rays will usher in the dawn.

Be satisfied, and pleased with what thou art, Act cheerfully and well thy allotted part; Enjoy the present hour, be thankful for the past, And neither fear, nor wish, the approaches of the last.

Children have neither a past nor a future. Thus they enjoy the present, which seldom happens to us.

Delay not till tomorrow to be wise; tomorrow's sun to thee may never rise.

Do not look back on happiness, or dream of it in the future. You are only sure of today; do not let yourself be cheated out of it.

Do today's duty, fight today's temptation; do not weaken and distract yourself by looking forward to things you cannot see, and could not understand if you saw them.

Don't waste today regretting yesterday instead of making a memory for tomorrow.

Enjoy yourself, drink, call the life you live today your own-but only that; the rest belongs to chance.

Every man's life lies within the present; for the past is spent and done with, and the future is uncertain.

Every moment that I am centered in the future, I suffer a temporary loss of this life.

Existence is no more than the precarious attainment of relevance in an intensely mobile flux of past, present, and future.

Few of us ever live in the present, we are forever anticipating what is to come or remembering what has gone.

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