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Time Quotes

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I wasted time, and now doth time waste me.

If time be of all things the most precious, wasting time must be the greatest prodigality, since lost time is never found again; and what we call time enough always proves little enough. Let us then up and be doing, and doing to the purpose; so by diligence shall we do more with less perplexity.

If we take care of the inches, we will not have to worry about the miles.

If we take care of the moments, the years will take care of themselves.

If you add a little to a little, and then do it again, soon that little shall be much.

If you don't enjoy getting up and working and finishing your work and sitting down to a meal with family or friends, then the chances are you're not going to be happy. If someone bases his happiness or unhappiness on major events like a great new job, huge amounts of money, a flawlessly happy marriage or a trip to Paris, that person isn't going to be happy much of the time. If, on the other hand, happiness depends on a good breakfast, flowers in the yard, a drink or a nap, then we are more likely to live with quite a bit of happiness.

If you want to kill time, try working it to death.

If you wish to reach the highest, begin at the lowest.

If, after all, men cannot always make history have meaning, they can always act so that their own lives have one.

In great matters men show themselves as they wish to be seen; in small matters, as they are.

In life's small things be resolute and great To keep thy muscle trained; Know'st thou when Fate Thy measure takes, or when she'll say to thee, "I find thee worthy; do this deed for me?"

In time take time while time doth last, for time Is no time when time is past.

Inches make a champion.

Incident piled on incident no more makes life than brick piled on brick makes a house.

It is astonishing how short a time it takes for very wonderful things to happen.

It is better to be doing the most insignificant thing than to reckon even a half-hour insignificant.

It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

It is by attempting to reach the top at a single leap that so much misery is caused in the world.

It is not the straining for great things that is most effective; it is the doing the little things, the common duties, a little better and better.

It is notorious that joy and grief can hasten and delay time. Locke is of opinion that a man in great misery may so far lose his measure as to think a minute an hour; or in joy make an hour a minute.

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