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Umpires Quotes

These are some of the best 'Umpires' quotations and sayings.

In a way an umpire is like a woman. He makes quick decisions, never reverses them, and doesn't think you're safe when you're out.

My favorite umpire is a dead one.

Once when the Yankee's Lou Pinella was batting he questioned a Steve Palermo strike call. Pinella demanded, "Where was that pitch at?" Palermo told him that a man wearing Yankee pinstripes in front of 30,000 people should not end a sentence with a preposition. So Pinella, no dummy, said, "OK, where was that pitch at, asshole?.

The umpire ... is like the geyser in the bathroom; we cannot do without it, yet we notice it only when it is out of order.

Throwing people out of a game is like learning to ride a bicycle--once you get the hang of it, it can be a lot of fun.

Umpires have the toughest job in baseball. Ever since the birth of the boos, they have suffered more abuse than a wash room wall.

Umpires would be natural Republicans - dead to human feelings.

Umpires, like players, are expected to show constant improvement each season and at each level. Inconsistent plate work and the inability to handle situations are probably the two biggest problems that minor league umpires face.

When I'm right, no one remembers When I am wrong, no one forgets.