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Unbelief Quotes

These are some of the best 'Unbelief' quotations and sayings.

"I seem," says Hume, "affrighted and confounded with the solitude in which I am placed by my philosophy. When I look abroad, on every side I see dispute, contradiction, distraction. When I turn my eye inward, I find nothing but doubt and ignorance. Where am I? or what am I? From what cause do I derive my existence? To what condition shall I return? I am confounded with questions. I begin to fancy myself in a most deplorable condition, environed with darkness on every side." - What a confession of the wretchedness of unbelief!

All unbelief is the belief of a lie.

Better that they had ne'er been born who read to doubt, or read to scorn.

Disbelief in futurity loosens in a great measure the ties of morality, and may be for that reason pernicious to the peace of civil society.

How deeply rooted must unbelief be in our hearts, when we are surprised to find our prayers answered, instead of feeling sure that they will be so, if they are only offered up in faith, and in accordance with the will of God!

I know of no condition worse than that of the man who has little or no light on the supreme religious questions, and who, at the same time, is making no effort to come to the light.

In all unbelief there are these two things: a good opinion of one's self, and a bad opinion of God.

In the hands of unbelief half-truths are made to do the work of whole falsehoods. - The sowing of doubts is the sowing of dragon's teeth, which ere long will sprout up into armed and hostile men.

Narrowness is the mother of unbelief. Obtain a broad outlook if you would agree with God in your philosophy and be able to transmit God's own thought into your life.

No man is an unbeliever, but because he will be so; and every man is not an unbeliever, because the grace of God conquers some, changes their wills, and binds them to Christ.

Oh, ye infidel philosophers, teach me how to find joy in sorrow, strength in weakness, and light in darkest days; how to bear buffeting and scorn; how to welcome death, and to pass through it into the sphere of life, and this not for me only, but for the whole world that groans and travails in pain; and till you can do this, speak not to me of a better revelation than the Bible.

One day when D'Alembert and Condorcet were dining with Voltaire, they proposed to converse on atheism; but Voltaire stopped them at once. "Wait," said he, "till my servants have withdrawn ; I do not wish to have my throat cut tonight."

Profound minds are the most likely to think lightly of the resources of human reason, and it is the superficial thinker who is generally strongest in every kind of unbelief.

There is but one thing without honor, smitten with eternal barrenness, inability to do or to be, and that is unbelief. He who believes nothing, who believes only the shows of things, is not in relation with nature and fact at all.

There is no strength in unbelief. - Even the unbelief of what is false is no source of might. - It is the truth shining from behind that gives the strength to disbelieve.

Unbelief does nothing but darken and destroy. It makes the world a moral desert, where no divine footsteps are heard, where no angels ascend and descend, where no living hand adorns the fields, feeds the birds of heaven, or regulates events.

Unbelief is criminal because it is a moral act, an act of the whole nature.-Belief or unbelief is a test of a man's whole spiritual condition, because it is the whole being, affections, will, conscience, as well as the understanding, which are concerned in it.

Unbelief, in distinction from disbelief, is a confession of ignorance where honest inquiry might easily find the truth. - "Agnostic" is but the Greek for "ignoramus."

When Dr. Johnson was asked why so many literary men were infidels, he replied, "Because they are ignorant of the Bible." Were they truly acquainted with its contents, they must acknowledge it to be from God. And the truth of the remark is confirmed by the fact that some of the most distinguished advocates of Christianity took up the Bible to oppose, but ended by believing and defending it.

You think you are too intelligent to believe in God. - I am not like you. - Not every one who wishes to be is an atheist.