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Valor Quotes

These are some of the best 'Valor' quotations and sayings.

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Dare to do your duty always; this is the height of true valor.

Fear to do base and unworthy things is valor; if they be done to us, to suffer them is also valor.

How strangely high endeavors may be blessed, where piety and valor jointly go.

I love the man that is modestly valiant, that stirs not till he most needs, and then to purpose. - A continued patience I commend not.

If thou desire to be truly valiant, fear to do any injury; he that fears to do evil is always afraid to suffer evil; he that never fears is desperate; he that fears always is a coward: he is the true valiant man that dares nothing but what he may, and fears nothing but what he ought.

It is a brave act of valor to contemn death; but where life is more terrible than death it is then the truest valor to dare to live.

It is said of untrue valors, that some men's valors are in the eyes of them that look on.

No man can answer for his courage who has never been in danger.

The better part of valor is discretion, in the which better part I have saved my life.

The estimate and valor of a man consists in the heart and in the will; there his true honor lies. Valor is stability, not of arms and legs, but of courage and the soul; it does not lie in the valor of our horse, nor of our arms, but in ourselves. He that falls obstinate in his courage, if his legs fail him, fights upon his knees.

The love of glory, the fear of shame, the design of making a fortune, the desire of rendering life easier and agreeable, and the humor of pulling down other people are often the causes of that valor so celebrated among men.

The mean of true valor lies between the extremes of cowardice and rashness.

The truly valiant dare everything except doing any other body an injury.

There is no love-broker in the world can more prevail in man's commendation with woman, than report of valor.

Those who believe that the praises which arise from valor are superior to those which proceed from any other virtues have not considered.

True valor, on virtue founded strong, meets all events alike.

Valor employ'd in an ill quarrel, turns to cowardice; and virtue then puts on foul vice's vizor.

Valor gives awe, and promises protection to those who want heart or strength to defend themselves. This makes the authority of men among women, and that of a master buck in a numerous herd.

Valor grows by daring, fear by holding back.

Valor hath its bound, as well as other virtues, which once transgressed, the next step is into the territories of vice, so that, by having too large a proportion of this heroic virtue, unless a man be very perfect in its limits, which, on the confines, are very hard to discern, he may, unawares, run into temerity, obstinacy, and folly.

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