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Vanity Quotes

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Vanity is the quicksand of reason.

Vanity is the weakness of the ambitious man, which exposes him to the secret scorn and derision of those he converses with, and ruins the character he is so industrious to advance by it.

Vanity keeps persons in favor with themselves, who are out of favor with all others.

Vanity makes men ridiculous, pride odious and ambition terrible.

Vanity makes us do more things against inclination than reason.

Vanity may be likened to the smooth-skinned and velvet-footed mouse, nibbling about forever in expectation of a crumb; while self-esteem is too apt to take the likeness of the huge butcher's dog, who carries off your steaks, and growls at you as he goes.

Vanity, indeed, is the very antidote to conceit; for while the former makes us all nerve to the opinion of others, the latter is perfectly satisfied with its opinion of itself.

Virtue would not go far if vanity did not keep it company.

We are so presumptuous that we wish to be known to all the world, even to those who come after us; and we are so vain that the esteem of five or six persons immediately around us is enough to amuse and satisfy us.

When a man has no longer any conception of excellence above his own, his voyage is done; he is dead; dead in the trespasses and sins of blear-eyed vanity.

When we are conscious of the least comparative merit in ourselves, we should take as much care to conceal the value we set upon it as if it were a real defect; to be elated or vain upon it is showing your money before people in want.

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