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Weakness Quotes

These are some of the best 'Weakness' quotations and sayings.

Delusion and weakness produce not one mischief the less, because they are universal.

Don't argue for other people's weaknesses. Don't argue for your own. When you make a mistake, admit it, correct it, and learn from it -- immediately.

Few men have done more harm than those who have been thought to be able to do the least; and there cannot be a greater error than to believe a man whom we see qualified with too mean parts to do good, to be, therefore, incapable of doing hurt. There is a supply of malice, of pride, of industry, and even of folly, in the weakest, when he sets his heart upon it, that makes a strange progress in wickedness.

In all our weaknesses we have one element of strength if we recognize it. - Here, as in other things, knowledge of danger is often the best means of safety.

Men are in general so tricky, so envious, and so cruel, that when we find one who is only weak, we are happy.

Never mind what a man's virtues are; waste no time in learning them. Fasten at once on his infirmities.

Some of our weaknesses are born in us, others are the result of education; it is a question which of the two gives us most trouble.

The more weakness, the more falsehood; strength goes straight; every cannon-ball that has in it hollows and holes goes crooked. Weaklings must lie.

The strength of man sinks in the hour of trial: but there doth live a power that to the battle girdeth the weak.

The weak may be joked out of anything but their weakness.

The weak soul, within itself unblest, leans for all pleasure on another's breast.

The weakest spot with mankind is where they fancy themselves most wise.

To be weak is miserable, doing or suffering.

Weakness has its hidden resources, as well as strength. There is a degree of folly and meanness, which we cannot calculate upon, and by which we are as much liable to be foiled as by the greatest ability or courage.

Weakness is thy excuse, and I believe it; weakness to resist Philistian gold, what murderer, what traitor, parricide, incestuous, sacrilegious, but may plead it? All wickedness is weakness.

Weaknesses, so called, are nothing more nor less than vice in disguise!