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Wife Quotes

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The wife when danger or dishonor lurks, safest and seemliest by her husband stays, who guards her, or with her the worst endures.

There is nothing upon this earth that can be compared with the faithful attachment of a wife; no creature who, for the object of her love, is so indomitable, so persevering, so ready to suffer and die. Under the most depressing circumstances, woman's weaknesses become a mighty power; her timidity becomes fearless courage; all her shrinking and sinking passes away; and her spirit acquires the firmness of marble - adamantine firmness - when circumstances drive her to put forth all her energy and the inspiration of her affections.

There is one name which I can never utter without a reverence due to the religion which binds earth to heaven - a name cheered, beautified, exalted and hallowed - and that is the name of wife.

Think you, if Laura had been Petrarch's wife, He would have written sonnets all his life?

To be a man in a true sense is, in the first place and above all things to have a wife.

When a young woman behaves to her parents in a manner particularly tender and respectful, from principle as well as nature, there is nothing good and gentle that may not be expected from her in whatever condition she is placed. Of this I am so thoroughly persuaded, that, were I to advise any friend of mine as to his choice of a wife, I know not whether my first counsel would be, "Look out for one distinguished by her attention and sweetness to her parents."

When it shall please God to bring thee to man's estate, use great providence and circumspection in choosing thy wife. For from thence will spring all thy future good or evil; and it is an action of life, like unto a stratagem of war, wherein a man can err but once!

Why man, she is mine own; and I as rich in having such a jewel, as twenty seas if all their sands were pearl, the water nectar, and the rocks pure gold.

Wife: Be content to be insignificant. What loss would it be to God or man had you never been born? See quote detail

Without our hopes, without our fears, without the home that plighted love endears, without the smiles from plighted beauty won, oh! what were man? - a world without a sun.

Wives are young men's mistresses, companions for middle age, and old men's nurses.

You are my true and honorable wife, as dear to me, as are the ruddy drops that visit my sad heart.

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